Transportation Alternatives Program

There have been a lot of improvements in our Tennessee communities since the former Federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) Program, now known as the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), began providing funds to local governments in 1991. Nearly $409 million in grants have been distributed by the Department. The money has gone to hundreds of communities across the Volunteer State to build sidewalks and bike lanes, update ADA accessibility and to renovate historic transportation facilities and other transportation-related structures. The impact of some of the projects is primarily local, whereas projects such as the wildflower planting along roadways across the state can be enjoyed annually by thousands of Tennesseans and tourists. Whether large or small, the projects serve the same purposes – improving access and providing a better quality of life for people in the state of Tennessee.



“Our partnership with MAAG, has allowed our museum to grow. The Day Trippin’ program and Black History Month bus tour helped increase our visitation number in 2014....The Alex Haley Museum appreciates all the promotion MAAG has offered and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”

Richard Griffin // Executive Director

Alex Haley House Museum & Enterpretive Center