Historic Preservation

In October 2013, Memphis Area Association of Governments executed a contract with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and the Tennessee Historical Commission to provide professional services relation to the preservation of historic resources within the MAAG region of Tennessee: Fayette, Lauderdale, Shelby and Tipton counties.

MAAG historic preservation services include National Register nominations, Section 106 reviews, assistance with historic zoning commissions and certified local governments (CLGs), grant writing for the Federal Historic Preservation Grant, historic surveys, and regional historic preservation planning outreach and training.

Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places
The nation’s official listing of historic places (generally 50 years old) that are worthy of being preserved is called the National Register of Historic Places.  Buildings, districts, sites, structures, and objects that are determined to be significant with respect to history, architecture, archeology, engineering, or culture, may be placed on this growing list.  MAAG assists with compiling and synthesizing required documentation, maps, and photographs to develop nominations, which are then considered by the State Review Board.
Preservation Tax Incentives
The owner of an income-producing, historic building is eligible to receive a federal tax credit of up to 20% of the cost of renovation if they restore the building in accordance with the National Park Service’s standards. MAAG promotes awareness of this program and provides information concerning eligibility and the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines for rehabilitation and restoration.
Federal Preservation Grants
Each year, federal funds are made available to each state for local historic preservation projects.  These funds may be used for architectural, archeological, or historic surveys; preservation planning studies; preparation of National Register nominations; restoration planning or restoration of historic properties.  Project proposals from throughout Tennessee must compete for funding.  MAAG assists with preparation and submission of applications. To inquire about potential grant opportunities, check our press page or contact Kelsey Lamkin.
Certified Local Government Program
Local governments that meet certain criteria, including establishment of a historic zoning commission and passing a historic preservation ordinance, receive the designation of “Certified Local Government” or CLG.  With this designation, a local government is eligible to receive technical assistance from the staff of the Tennessee Historical Commission, and their chances of being selected for Federal Preservation Grant funding are improved.  MAAG works with historic zoning commissions, promotes training opportunities, and provides information concerning the CLG program.
Historic Surveys
Local historic resources that are fifty years old or older are documented through a comprehensive written and photographic record compiled in county surveys.  The staff of the Tennessee Historical Commission is working to have county survey data available on the internet.  MAAG assists the staff by serving as a local resource and helping to fill “information gaps” that may be discovered.

Memphis Area Association of Governments – Historic Sites Map  

MAAG’s interactive historic preservation map highlights historic sites within the MAAG region. Learn about historic buildings, structures, districts, and sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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For Historic Preservation assistance and more information contact Kelsey Lamkin at klamkin@maagov.org or 901-729-2871, ext. 103.